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Good Thing the Oceans aren’t Somehow Connected

April 6, 2011

You know, it’s a damn good thing the oceans of the planet aren’t somehow connected.  If the BP rich waters of the Gulf, or the runoff from Charlie Sheen’s yard ever met up with the newly — human killed waters of Japan…

We shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.  When scientists prove that the earth is round, or that air currents blow, or that oceans intermingle…we’ll just change the channel and vote for a Neorepublicrat.

Besides, we know plenty.  Saddam’s CIA WMD’s were real, Afghanistan trained the Saudi 9/11 pilots and low levels of radiation are sorta-like vitamin C.

It’s not like multiple exposures to radiation linger in our bodies…or add up over time.  The minuscule amount of Japanese nuclear energy that has shown up in our milk, air and water, should concern you even less than what you think you know about our wars for Lockheed Martin

When Teabangers start screaming about the ka-trillions of tax dollars spent for the BushBama wars on Islam, marijuana and the lower classes…you’ll know someone shut off their access to the Disney Channel.

When progressive democrats start screaming about Guantanamo, torture and Obama’s once illegal/immoral Bush wars on everything…you’ll know that a glass of hot milk, will be our new FEMA Camps.

When the old-fashioned fiscal conservatives of yesterday, self-identify with the party of republican common sense murderers…you’ll know that these patriots don’t want to pay our troops.  This happens because Obama is black and because the better Bush just has to be white, for that whole myth of America thing to work right.

It’s an ass load to chew on,’but’…it’s just the way things work.

So get on board, stay the course for change and be with us or against us.  Because hope floats in radioactive oceans, just as well as it floats in the much maligned and far too expensive to maintain…Teabanger sewage treatment plants of Communist tomfoolery.

Our rusty cages are made out of cheap plastic and sold at Walmart. You’d think we’d have an easier time breaking free of them.
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