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Turn Left at the Incubator Baby

March 31, 2011

Even though I’m no script writer for the Homeland, I think I’ve read this screenplay before.  The non-existent incubator babies of Kuwait that brought us to Iraq back in 1990, are now luring us to Libya, because we don’t want to save the incubator babies of West Virginia.

So essentially, what President Obama is doing, is reworking the script from the original Iraq movie and enhancing it with a new coalition of the willing.

This new coalition of the willing includes CIA information obtained from defectors, Ed Schultz, and Jennifer Aniston as a much younger Judith Miller.

Stop me if you’ve ever heard Colin Powell say the same things before.

Stop me if Ed Schultz doesn’t sound just like Colin’s Powell in 2003.

Where’s Rep. Conyers and his fake threats of impeachment now?

Stop paying your taxes like GE, that’ll get their attention.

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  1. Tenzing permalink
    March 31, 2011 19:42

    Ed Schultz, the Better Ollie North.

    “Gotta run,” he says.

    Yeah, run from the facts.


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