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Crazy Undecipherable Writings and a Pilot

February 11, 2011

Gang of Preclear's

Going Rogue and the Hero of the Hudson?  Decision Points and Amelia Earhart?  Known and Unknown and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed?

No!  It’s the undecipherable Voynich manuscript and Scientology’s best pilot…John Travolta!

When crazy meets up with illegible, I usually think Bristol Palin and the instruction manual on Levi Johnston’s condom wrapper.  But you know, that’s just me.

So the Voynich manuscript, has scientists and psychologists baffled…much to the delight of Scientology.  The manuscript is full of writings and mysterious images that no one can figure out.

Aliens?  Illegal or otherwise?  Maybe.  But I’m of the mind that it’s just the mad scribblings of Tom Cruise and Travolta…after their long journey from Preclear’s to the most awesome level of all levels…Operating Thetan’s.

L Ron Howard is laughing all the way to the bank with Ralph Malph.  If you know what I’m sayin…if ya know what I mean.

I kid because they’re retarded!  But you know what?  Tavolta and Cruise did get one thing right…those crazy fucking CIA psychologists that torture and kill for a living…are nuts.

And wacky fornicators, evidently.

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  1. February 11, 2011 18:32

    In my opinion, the Voynich stegotext is pre-internets Erowid. 🙂 herbs & trippin pics

    Sure, some of the drawings look like corn mazes and rye field crop circles, but back then there was a lot of ergot poisoning going around making people trip their brains out.

    The CIA torture shrinks are bastards. If there is a Hell, and if there are special places in Hell….I have some papery stuff to help in that area.

    L Ron Howard lol



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