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Indian Giver Taketh, Kenyan President Regifteth

December 23, 2010

If like myself, you link to a fair amount of stupid crap on the tubes and wires of the internets, then you’re probably also being spied on by at least a dozen bespectacled dorks that are armed with badges and guns, but not warrants.  Such is life here in the new world order.

If you’re Bryan Fischer, then you’re just a new century Anita Bryant who sleeps with men and writes crazy shit that makes me the apparent front-runner…for this years Colby Award!

It appears that Bryan believes that a birth certificate from Hawaii, is about as real as our Muslim President, who is currently much better at killing Muslims than…”Anita” Bryan himself.

Prineville's Fave

Let it soak in Bry Bry.

Bry Bry also says that President Obama is going to give all of the Homeland back to “the Indians.”

I say fantastic!  But I’m fairly confident, that this handover of the Homeland will not go well for the Palin’s, the Abramoff’s or several of the Jesuit Schools.

Retribution is a tough business.  Once Russell Means and Leonard Peltier are through with us, there’s also that whole rest of the world problem we have.

Good luck Sarah!!

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