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Forgotten Wars Cost Nothing

December 16, 2010


A Liberal Agenda Free Dental Clinic

The budget shortfall in Washington State is just a measly 4.6 billion dollars.  Most of the Washingtonians that are able to buy a newspaper, watch a teevee or read a pithy blog…are certain that someone is to blame.

The Republican humans blame the Democrat humans, while the Teabanger humans blame homosexual humans and those with a skin color other than none.

Die hard Democrats when looking to put a name to a face, will blame Ralph Nader.  Republican humans in turn, will yell terrorist in a crowded theater and give billionaires a tax break…which is easier, because putting a name to a hungry face is really difficult for Republicans.

Teabangers will insist the face must be black.  We know this because Obama is black.  It’s like new math, but with far less thinking involved.

I may not know spit about spit, because I was educated in the Homeland, but I do know this much…the Democrats and their liberal agenda…ended the Bush wars, the drug wars and the Patriot Act.  They’ve cut taxes for billionaires, cut funding for roads, schools, health care and abortion.  Food is pricey and God is in the building.

So you Democrats take your liberal agenda and shove it in a newly closed library or state park!  May God damn your liberal gifts to Bank of America and your penchant for torture and your thirst for deporting more illegal Mexican Drug War Lords, than Bush ever dreamed possible!  Screw your well-funded military and TSA too!

You liberals took my guns and my home and now you’re taking my slow-witted offspring’s chance at a drunken, binge filled 7 years at WSU!

Those wars that Obama ended cost us nothing before…and they cost us nothing, well, when he ended them!

The blame must be laid and John’s Boehner will do the laying!?

Fun times here in the Washington Sector of the Homeland…it’s like we get our information from David Gregory while discussing foreign policy with Carrot Top.

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