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The Seminal Blue Dress

November 15, 2010

Anthrax - Steven Hatfill + Cheney = Long Wars

When too many people start paying attention to things, you can expect the working class to incur the wrath of the ruling class.  When the working class debits its way into the middle class, the ruling class will then trickle down the lesser class to death…via regressive taxation, anthrax attacks and the long wars on Islam.

Reagan’s shit filled diapers, flowed down to us in the form of supply-side economics, monopolies and Clinton’s blow jobs, which as many of us know, resulted in the cum-stained, blue dress of Lewinsky…that repealed the Glass-Steagall Act.

The Homeland’s criminally bailed out banks, have not been prosecuted for the mortgage frauds that created the Great Depression of 2007-2015.  Toss in Iraq, Vietghanistan and the dismantling of the Teabanger retirement fund called Social Security and Medicare…adjust for stupidity, carry the 9/11, subtract the Miley Cyrus effect…then add in the Bush tax cuts for the rich and you get anywhere from 5 trillion to over 30 trillion dollars in debt.

Of course your debt mileage may vary, depending on how well you did in 8th grade math.

Perhaps it’s easier to just blame the cum-stained blue dress of Lewinsky…

Enjoy your dim sum patriots!

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