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Fetus Envy by Matt Lauer

November 12, 2010

I celebrated my Veterans Day, by trying to enlist some liberal elite Democrats into the Marine Corps…so they too could fight the never-ending Bush/Obama wars on Islam.  I was about as successful as a Norm Dicks hand job at an Airbus company picnic.

As George W. Bush tours the Homeland, answering questions about his shoe size and the Texas Rangers…only one millionaire journalist of the pretend kind was able to ask a half scripted question…that was totally scripted.

Fox News’ Bill O’ Reilly was the millionaire and George W didn’t bat an eye, or give up anymore insane family details.  Insane family details llliiiiiikkkkeeee his mommies miscarried fetus in a jar…

This means of course, that not only did W know what Bill O’ was going to ask, it also proves that Karl Rove was in it for the Bush.

Moving right…

As much as Jon Stewart wants everyone to just get along…we probably should remember that he’s a fucking comedian, not a fucking war criminal.  The war criminals work for us, Jon works for laughs, not unlike Representative John Conyers.

Representative Conyers has been threatening to investigate/impeach and or probe the Bush administration for about 42 years and some change

Stand back!  Watch and witness the justice unfurl itself, as Rep. Conyers again joins in the chorus for a Bush probe.  Now relax and enjoy some delicious Gulf of Illegal Mexican shrimp, clams and pescado…because nothing spells Plutocracy, like another pretend probe of the Bush.

Like my good friends on the Colville Indian Reservation like to say, if you can’t find justice, jobs or decent health care/education in the Homeland…why not get it from Turkey!?

The cowboys always win, enit.

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