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Dino’s Clint Hates Ferries

November 5, 2010

Ferries Don't Ask or Tell

The great state of Washington is 4.5 billion dollars in the red.  To date, the great state of Washington has spent 25 billion dollars, on the wars that the Democrats have refused to stop funding.

Dino Rossi and Clint Didier did not mention the 25 billion dollars…that you Washington State patriots spent on the Bush/Obama wars for Boeing’s freedom.  But neither did Patty Murray or Norm Dicks.

Clint’s Dino does not like taxing the ruling class, while Dino’s Clint hates ferries, sewage treatment and government handouts.  To date, Clint has accepted more than his fair share of government handouts and Dino has accepted his fate as a three-time loser.

Kentucky doesn’t hate ferries, they hate liberals, a decent paycheck and guys named Juan.  Unfortunately, the Homeland has in short order, become middle class Kentucky.  To be a middle class Kentucky human, all one needs is a family of four, a job that pays around 22 grand per year and a Senator-elect who thinks that there are no rich people.  The Senator-elect also doesn’t believe that there is a middle class or even a poor working class.

Thanks Randucky…you’re all class.

You know, I think it was Julian Assange who once said that the GOP is trying to outlaw WikiLeaks and wants to make whistle blowing a treasonous offense.  The article is in Spanish and or Swiss, or God knows what terroristy language…so I’m not certain if that’s what Julian actually said, or not.  So never mind.

All in all, the global wars on Islam do create jobs and give us a sense of pride.  The economy is getting better, because Rand Paul knows class warfare and also because AT$T, who when not spying on us, is desperately trying to lower prices by outlawing class action lawsuits.

See Gus!  All is not gloomy!  It’s not like we’re finding radioactive rabbits roaming around and spreading their radioactive death in Clint Didierville.  Come on!  Psycho psychologists who torture people to death, aren’t going to suddenly label free thinkers, activists and creative types as mentally ill…or something.

Get a grip peoples.

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