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Dicks Boehner Stroked by Koch not Pepsi

November 4, 2010


Dicks Boehner?

I would have to say that the worst part of the conservative takeover of the entire world!!, would have to be the fact that Koch, does not rhyme with crotch.  The best part?  I see no difference between the previous whores and the new whores.

Alrighty then.  Lets get started.

Not one swinging dick that was running for a corporate owned seat in Congress, mentioned the really, really, really, really expensive wars against Islam.  However, I did read on the Huffpost, that the war in Iraq is over and that evidently we won?  This point was used as one of the positive things that President Obama had accomplished.
Fortunately for us, it’s too fucking stupid to link to.

And there lies the trouble.  The Teabangers are slow-witted cowards, the Republicans are cult worshiping pedophiles and the Democrats slink along in the corporate shadows, yelling the sky is falling!…yet Karl Rove is still free to walk amongst us.

Keep in mind patriots, that torture and war crimes are only torture and war crimes, when Hillary Clinton says they are.  Cambodia you’ve got some splainin to do!

When WikiLeaks is the only entity screaming at us idiots about our war crimes, crimes and more war crimes…we obsessed about Mexicans, teh healthscare and how Obama’s having followed the policies of Bush, somehow became, not the policies of Bush.  Throw in the expensive forgotten wars on Islam and another exciting season of Deadliest Catch! and what do we get?  Two more years of the Congressional corporate whores, fighting over the previous four-year reign of the other, Congressional corporate whores.

Think of the next two years as the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Seattle Mariners.  In other words, nothing actually changes and the Koch Brothers win…35 to the Homeland’s Inhabitants 3.

So lick your wounds Democrats, suck in your snacks and stand tall!  You and have done an amazing job ignoring the continuing wars and crimes of President Obama.  Even less change is coming and you and Norm Dicks will get no sympathy from the 250 of us…who think you’re just whistling past the HR department at Boeing.

See you at Whole Foods!

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