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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Homelandhood

October 18, 2010


Josh Rushing asks the question: Does Anyone in the US Still Care?

To answer Josh, yes the peoples care.  They just don’t care about torture, the wars for Boeing or the mangled troops, unless the carnage is located in their neighborhood.  For example, if the Tuttles were to build” a motorcycle with the flag and a vomiting eagle on it…the peoples would care…whole bunches…for a minute or three.

Mr. Rogers tried to teach us that good things can occur in our neighborhoods…but life is funny.  While Mr. Rogers was a tad bit milk toasty, he certainly had no idea, that the children he was preaching to would ignore his lessons and grow up to be criminally stupid.

Mr. Rogers is rolling in his grave, not because he failed, but because of the mentally deficient…fluoridated water drinkers who seek to run our government.  Joe Miller and his white flour band of closeted security guards comes to mind.

It is a beautiful day in the Homelandhood.  The Democrats have shown themselves for the 1950’s Republicans that they are, while the Republicans have shown themselves for the 1950’s Klan members that they are.

Somewhere amongst the wreckage of Mr. Rogers naivete….lies the truth about the truth.

Maybe the truth lies in the next batch of WikiLeaks files, soon to be ignored by a local NBC News affiliate close to you.  The truth could be found within the eternal wars, fought for Boeing and Blackwater…but looking there requires the effort of an unconsciousness 5-year-old and we’re just not able to rise to that level.

Fortunately for us, there will be many truths to choose from.  Choosing the least offensive truth, or the truth with the best beer and girls afflicted with moral compasses of a hot Teabanger Cheerleader…is where the real challenge lies.

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  1. October 18, 2010 11:31

    Here in the local Homelandhood a musician will not be playing again on the ferry next month- Homeland Security Theater at work here:

    Meanwhile, the US Border Patrol continues their effort to expand to a 50 agent station at Port Angeles:

    Local papers refuse to ask questions like how many US Border Patrol arrests have been made out of the Port Angeles Station in the past 12 months?

    What percentage of US Border Patrol arrests out of the Port Angeles Station are connected in any way to the US/Canada border?

    Or- how many tanks of gas are burnt up each month commuting round trip in Border Patrol SUVs from Port Angeles to the Port Townsend ferry dock.


    • October 18, 2010 22:06

      I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with the harp playing on any state ferry. I’ve heard him play, back in the day and I can say that I found the pleasing, soft sounds emanating from his harp…somewhat akin to terrorism. I’m pretty sure Condoleezza said some shit about harpists were known to be building WMD’s and had recently purchased mobile labs and aluminum tubes and mushroom clouds were inevitable?

      I believe her!

      But ahh yeah, back to your point…the way I figure it…and we all know I figure things better than the DHS, the BP needs to justify it’s presence on the Peninsula. Obviously, we need 50 agents to keep an eye on Fort Worden’s bathrooms, John Wayne Marina’s parking lot and the sales at both Swains.

      Since they rounded up the 16 illegal Mexican salal picking Drug Warlords a year and a half ago…I think it’s time we start asking the BP agents for their papers. Some of em’ are not white enough and they speak Spanish…if ya know what I’m saying.

      Good questions Alex…but as per usual, we should not concern ourselves with common sense, nor question the protectors of the Patriot Act. We must remain vigilant…and ensure that the toilets of freedom, always contain enough toilet paper…for those who wander aimlessly about the 100 mile Constitution Free Zone.


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