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IBF Spells Fake Patriot Act-Terror Hunters

September 30, 2010

Blame the FBI

IBF when written down backwards, spells FBI.  Iraq, Vietghanistan and Boeing when written down backwards, spells profit by death.  If I can crack that super secret code, well…let’s just say Osama was in on it.

The fake Patriot Act terror hunters are on the prowl again…breaking down the doors of those who are against war, violence and lies, because nothing frightens those who allowed 9/11 to occur, more than…non-violent, anti-war protester types.


Teabangers, Dino Rossibanger’s and non-violent anti-war protesters all have one thing in common; they all think the Constitution is real and in use.

Teabangers hate Obama for the color of his skin.  Dino Rossibanger’s hate women and Obama for the color of his skin.  The non-violent anti-war protesters, dislike processed foods and Walmart, but most still think the color of Obama’s skin has nothing to do with illegal torture, or the droning to death of children in their beds.

The color of the mans skin is irrelevant.  The color of money is not.  The failure of our collective moral compasses, leads to fake wars for Boeing, real torture for God and presidential aspirations for the Palin.

The Pentagon holds the keys to the outhouse, while the FBI is the tiny remnants of toilet paper, left behind on the ass hairs of Democracy…The dingleberries of freedom if you will.

For a good time, call Representative Norm Dicks.  For a glimpse of what freedom looks like, head on down to the offices of the FBI in downtown Seattle, today, at 1600 hrs and let them know you’re on to them.  1110 3rd Ave. is where the action will be.

Black Rain will not fall today, but an FBI informant will try to mingle.

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