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Check Check, Two, Three…Check, Ch, Ch…eck

September 20, 2010

Check…ch, ch, ch check, 2,3 check?  Wa, wa, woh, woh….check.  2? 3?   Wah, wa, woo, woh.  Check?

OK, The Homeland sound system seems to be working, but I swear on Marsha Brady’s first lesbian kiss, that I heard Robert Gibbs call Sarah Palin the most formidable force in the Republican party?

That’s one fucked up party.

That’s almost like saying Mr. Brady was gay.  Or scary bikini baristas are, well, scary?

What the hell does the Obama administration take us for?  Disengaged twits, who believe Iraqi’s with box cutters could pilot an airliner into the side of the Pentagon?  I happen to know that most Americans are smarter than any highly skilled Iraqi and or Afpakistani pilots on the planet.

Show me anything that says we’re not the smartest, bravest and mostest smartest fodder on the planet…and I’ll call you a commie-pinko, Marxist Socialist and stuff.

Okay…well that was fast.  But those links prove nothing.  God and the battling lesbian nuns are on our side and nothing you commie-pinko Marxist Socialists…black President loving, coward linkers can tell me, will convince me of…whatever it was I was trying to convince you of.

And you can take that…to any bailed out bank of your choosing and…oh fuck it.  You liberal, bad news linking terrorists disgust me.

Check, check, two…three

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