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Here’s What We do Know

September 14, 2010

It is the money.  The money is it.  Money.

Money buys girls, boys and wars.  Money buys power.  Money buys favors.  Money corrupts.

The VA saved money by using Prudential Financial Inc., for its ability to not pay out full life insurance benefits.  Prudential then made even more money, by withholding, as promised, the lump-sum payments to the families and survivors of troops killed in Boeing’s wars.

The Democrats pretend that Boeing’s wars are not also their wars.  Democrats will point to the war drum banging Republicans, who beat those corporate war drums with all their might…because on 9/11, Saudi Arabia attacked us via NORAD, box cutters and apathy.  So it makes sense that we would attack Afghanistan, Iraq, the Constitution, our economy and Iran.  Perfect…Boeing…sense.

Feel no empathy for the criminals who spend your money to wage endless wars on the tortured.  Save your empathy for yourselves and spend your sympathy on your children.

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