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Books Ban Almost as Easy as Witches Burn

September 14, 2010

And books suck too!!

Why is it that those who jerk off the most, are always the ones looking to ban books that mention jerking off?

In an ever growing list of white school boards that equate words and genital touching with the Taliban, I give you the book banning school board of Stockton, Missouri!!

Today…book banning!  Tomorrow…flaming witches!!

and masturbation clearly leads to literate Indians...

Try to imagine if you will, a book that is so chock-full O’ evil, that if it were to fall into the right hands…Jesus might weep and the terrorists will have won.  Just try!

The book in question was written by Sherman Alexie.
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” would be the title of the book, and yes, the book contains words.

Now you know what Prineville, Oregon knew, before Sherman knew it, because he’s just a literate Indian.

For more on what happens when guilty masturbators are allowed to run shit, look no further than the Stockton, Missouri school board.  Or the mysterious death of the oily fishes in Louisiana.  Or Karl Rove…etc. etc. etc.

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