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Quagmire Mired in Fiction

September 2, 2010

When Condoleezza, Ari Fleischer and George W. find themselves being interrogated by enhanced means…you’ll know the Homeland is ready to look forward to bigger and better things.

Solar powered wars against the marijuana smokers and Canadians are next, because peak oil has already occurred.

The battles for the remaining resources of this planet are just about over.  China won and we came in a distant second.

Tasty veal is still just out of shape, imprisoned baby cows.  Your corporate fresh food suppliers think that you’re also out of shape, imprisoned baby cows…with an income.

Homelandians want justice when puppies are murdered.  Especially when foreigners are doing the puppy killing.

Homelandians want their troops to kill humans, not puppies.  If the CIA and George W. Obama had been torturing puppies at Bagram, GITMO and Abu Ghraib instead of the wrong religion followers…

En Espanol, freedom means quagmires mired in fiction.

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