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America the Parable

August 31, 2010

The lies that President Obama tells to his baby girls, every night just before bed, are the same lies that the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, the Bin Laden’s and the Reagan deity, told to their offspring.

President Carter told Amy that America is a place full of smart, decent and free-willed folks, who if given half a chance, will do the right thing.  Jimmy lied too.

Change is in the eye of the teevee watcher.  History is written by the Department of Homeland Historical Revisionism and when some rogue nation like Alaska, gets its retarded hands on some weapons of mass destruction that we sold them, you’ll blame a dark-skinned people of other religion followers.

I’ll blame Raytheon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In related news of the parable, we find a fable.  Bjørn Lomborg, the professional Danish climate change denier…now says that he was wrong.  The earth is indeed pissed and we’re all going to drown, starve and or die in the upcoming water wars.

Now you know why the failing oil wars for God must end.  It’s because the battle for the Columbia River, the Great Lakes and Lake Pend Oreille, will require your misinformed attention, your bodies and your money.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for a message from your leader.  Evidently we have won in Iraq!  Yet again!

14 percent of the Homeland’s idiots polled, believe that Obama is a Muslim.  This of course leaves 38 percent of the idiots polled, who think Obama is more than likely a Muslim, while only 33 percent of the remaining idiots think he’s probably not a Muslim.  7 percent said Obama was definitely not a Muslim and 8 percent said they had no idea how Britney Spears got so old and ugly.

I don’t know about you, but if my socialist powered, public schoolin math skills is are correct…somewhere around 132 percent of those idiots polled, lined up for their “flu shots” last year.

Obviously, the news is all bad.   But the news is much better if you’re into doing evil at the Google.

Fabulous!, is the news of the day at the FBI, as it does not require itself to have probable cause when spying on you.

The news being sold from the desk of James Clapper, is that WikiLeaks can leak all it wants, because change is in the eye of the teevee watchers…and the children of our Presidents always believe the bedtime parables of their daddies.

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