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Torture Works…Eventually

June 22, 2010

Reward bad behavior and what do you get?  A failed General running for President?  A war criminal laughing his way through a Rolling Stone interview?  A failed General who tortured POW’s and thinks the world of black men in his White House?

Add torturing animals as a child and bizarre sexual behavior with his subordinates and ladies and gentleman of the Homeland jury…you get what you pay for!

For the stimulating RS article on all things torturous and frilly…go here.  For the McChrystal interview, go find it yourself.

I suppose things could be much worse.  BP, the Pentagon and your various agencies of the glorious Homeland, could be like a roommate who just happened to be a French cannibal…who was attempting to eat us from the inside out while enjoying some fava beans and a nice Chianti?  No?  Oui!

The failed General will be back…because we made him and we did not spend a trillion dollars and counting for…change.

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