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The Voices in McChrystal’s Head

June 22, 2010

So General Stan just left a rather substantial shit stain on his career.  The torture of POW’s at Camp Nama didn’t stain Stan’s thong with shit, it made him erect.  The Bush wars not being on Saudi Arabia, didn’t stain Stan either, it gave him yet another woody of freedom.

General Stan thinks of himself as a tough guy with an erection.  In reality, Stan is a scared little girl who drinks Bud Light Lime while enjoying his twice daily viewing of Runaway Bride.  Thanks Netflix!!

I say Stanley is a lying coward…so does Pat Tillman’s mom.

The problem with the coward Stan, is that the TalialQaedaban played him for an idiot…and they were right.  As an added bonus, they also know that Stan drinks Bud Light Lime, the beverage choice of self-important girls everywhere.

Oh what could all of this drama mean!?

Perhaps someone should keep a vigilant eye on our money and the House of Representatives.  For the Vietghanistan Supplemental Appropriation request for $33 billion…is set to appear on the floor of said House any old day now.

Remember patriots, perpetual war requires perpetual money and perpetual cowards like perpetual McChrystal, to keep spending it…perpetually.

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