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June 5, 2010

The beautiful Pacific Northwest, subsection Washington of the glorious Homeland…a liberal stronghold of flooded Walmarts and meth labs.

Which brings us to the race for Patty Murray’s seat.  I’ve seen Patty’s seat, you can have it.

Yes, the race for Patty’s seat is on!

In the right corner, we have the used condo salesman and all that comes with used condo salesmen…Dino Rossi.  A multiple loser, Dino is huge in places like Waterville, Asotin and Dr. Manweller’s bathroom.

Dino is hard on crime, spending and his loan officer.  Dino also has 20,000 Facebook friends and enjoys long walks in Marymoore Park in Sammamish.  Manito Park in Spokane?  Go fuck yourself.

A vote for Dino is a vote for Jesus.

In the other right corner we have Clint Didier.  What can you say.  Clint is against everything he has ever been compensated for, or used…like farm subsidies, electricity, bridges, libraries and Sarah Palin.  Of course Sarah has endorsed Clint, which just proves my theory that evolution is a lie.

This is the best Washington State can do to topple a war supporting, job and pork producing Senator?


Roll the Rossi/Didier Meme song!!  And good day sir!

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