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Hold the Rotary Phone Booth!

June 3, 2010

Not only does Sarah Palin think that babies come from storks and or Levi Johnston’s stump, but she also thinks that oil disasters stem from extreme environmentalists.

It all has something to do with her fear of mentalists’ and Levi’s abs.

In other distressing news, some drones who work at the CIA are upset because other drones are creating pissed off brown-skinned humans.  Torturing, raping and or killing the brown-skinned humans via Blackwater for the last decade or so?  Not so much.

It all has something to do with their fear of mentalists’, Levi’s abs and the filthy Marxist bloggers who ridicule them.

Whats next?  Cheap solar power?  Full nekkid body scanners in our airports?  An invasion and occupation of Israel?

Say Homelandia!  Why not answer the rotary dial phone, it’s your inner Darwin calling.

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