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Set Phasers to Oily

May 10, 2010

Like all bad tattoo decisions, hindsight is 10/20.  10 of the hindsight was given to Halliburton on 200 pallets stacked full of one dollar bills.  Don’t try the math…

The Bush Administration let British Petroleum run free amongst us and then allowed BP unfettered access to the Homeland’s shorelines, to steal our natural resources of freedom.  Seemed like a good idea at the time, but so did voting for Al Gore.

Being that hindsight is what hindsight is, obviously, Homeland Security has failed us yet again.

ICE, the Border Patrol, Arizona, the FBI and most of Utah, are really busy fighting the good fight against illegal humans of color.  So this gave BP an opening to penetrate our defensive posture (prone on the ground) then attack us like a roomful of fake liberal democrats at a Taliban retreat in Orlando.

Like most terrorist organizations, BP is organized and has friends in high places.  While planning their oil attack against the Homeland, BP distracted Congress with K Street cash, then they distracted us with their commercials of all things environmentally fabulous…Fannie May then stole what money we had and now she wants more.

Sweet Jesus!!  Is this how Iraq feels?  Probably.

All of this makes perfect sense to Andrew Lundquist, Dick Cheney
and I.  Really it does.

Sneaky BP Oil Attack

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