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If You Can’t Baffle Them With Your Befuddlement

May 5, 2010

Then by all means befuddle them with your bafflement.

The word on the mean dead-end streets of the trailer park people of East Wenatchee, Tenino and Deer Park, Washington is…government cheese, public skkkoolin, water, power and Social Security is good…illegal humans, AlKkkata, the Taliban and Democrats is are bad.  That plus, Dino Rossi makes them quiver with strange thoughts they’d rather not discuss.

Tough world those folks live in.  Slaves to the system, slaves to Rossi and slaves to the devil in their pants.  Add in the teevee, Arizona and their fear of taxing the wealthy and you’ve got a pretty good picture of the Homeland…served up on a stale, free food bank Ritz cracker.

When asked, the defenders of our freedoms (dead-end trailer park people) will tell you that Reaganomics works, because shit trickles down like Reagan’s overflowing diaper…therefore, this is good for the economy.

To prove my point, I give you the homegrown terrorist who attempted to blow up the tourists of Times Square.  Obama, the FBI, the CIA, Blackwater and Rush Limbaugh himself, are all searching for the reasons why they hate our freedoms.  Why do they want to kill tourists?  Why do they want to profit from war?  Why do they continue to bomb children in their beds from the drones above?

Reading comprehension tells us, it’s Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rove and Limbaugh himself.  Until they stop creating new terrorists with the very real wars on brown-skinned humans and building Israel’s nukes…well, I think we all know how this plays out.  And by we, I mean about 743 of us.

But in the mean time, while we await the next homegrown terror attack,  I pray and hope every day, that Dino will make a run for the border the Senate!  Run Dino run!  Please!

Now let’s all enjoy Dino’s campaign song, while we wait to be bedazzled and befuddled.  Baffled and bamboozled?  Or left to lay in the beds we’ve made?

What?  Color me baffled.  Who’s buying the beer?!!

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