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Pretty Noose

April 20, 2010

We are a nation full of hard-working humans who pay their taxes, want good schools, jobs and career opportunities for their children.  Add to this the availability of cheap goods at Wal-Mart and good deals on better stuff at Costco with baseball on the teevee…and you’ve got a majority of Homelandians who are marginally happy.

In using my socialist learned mathin’ skills from Indiana, the majority is a powerful one, consisting of over 200 million people.  200 million people who if they so chose, could make obsolete…the Teabangers, the Democrats and the even scarier Republicans who hate America and what it stands for.

But, we’re marginally happy.

The majority used to believe that common sense would always make a comeback and beat the shit out of Corporatocracy.  Unfortunately for the majority, common sense does not make Wall Street CEO’s happy.  Common sense is also not welcome at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill or in Leon Panetta’s office.

The name of the game is power, greed and keeping the majority…marginally happy.

There is no draft for the never-ending wars…color us marginally happy.

Expensive insurance that covers less, is still had by enough of us.  Marginal, but we’re still content.

The misdeeds of our Christian Warrior Generals seems wrong, but there’s no draft.  We know the truth, but there’s no draft.  Color us marginally ashamed but content.

Since there is no draft, Boeing, Halliburton, Blackwater and Goldman Sachs fear nothing.  Sucks to lose our homes, jobs, expensive insurance and beer money…but hey, we’re pleased.  There’s no draft.

Education makes people smart.  Homelands can not exist with too many smart people being upset.  How’s your school district or community/state college faring?  Ah yes, but…there is indeed no draft.

Election reform and viable third or even fourth parties, do not occur in Homelands.  Fear, stupidity and fear based stupidity rule the day.  CNN and NBC will even conveniently remind you that Sandra Bullock is a bad judge of character…and oh yes, by the way?  There’s no draft.

Common ruse, dirty face…Pretty noose sells pretty hate…but we’re marginally happy.

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