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Palin Farts World Inhales

April 17, 2010

The fumes of stinky truth-like stuff, travel through multiple layers of sedition practicing, sheep grazing filters, before being foisted upon the world by big media and their multiple distribution platforms.

In socialist Canadian speak, this means that Palin spoke via Facebook and several hundred thousand Homelandians inhaled.

In a coincidental Seinfeld bizarro world kind of reaction…Ashton Kutcher picked his nose, ate what he found and 27 million Kutcher twitter’er followers almost left Starbucks in stunned amazement.

In other news of interest, the Border Patrol near Sumas, Washington, did not catch an evil doing, terroristy, (alleged) animal fucker.  There were no citizen/animal fucker testing checkpoints for freedom either.  Hell, there weren’t even any Mexican testing checkpoints…that’s
so weird!

Peak oil is scarier than brown skinned humans who bring us our drugs of illegality.  No oil, no porn.  No oil, no deliveries to Wal-mart.  No oil, no Border Patrol.  No oil, no Pentagon or Palin farts.

Peak oil!  Better for us than advertised!
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