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Truth and Consequences

March 26, 2010


Everyone has their version of truth.  For some it comes from above.  For others, truth is nothing more than an annoyance…a stumbling block to profit and power.  For too many, truth comes to them in the form of their teevee and Chuck Norris approved school textbooks.

The lack of Truth has started every human war, since man walked with the dinosaurs approximately 5200 year ago.

The lack of truth leads to consequences.  The planet and it’s “lesser” creatures are trying to tell us something.  Bank of America tried to warn us too, then we thanked them in cash.

Health care is scary NIMBY Socialism.  Dick Cheney’s 9/11 led to world war III, IV, V  and is currently sponsored by Boeing, Halliburton
and God.

War costs more than your jobs, homes or savings and that war bill is never quite paid in full.

Confusion abounds!  Common sense and education are nowhere to be found.  All that is required is a healthy dose of fear and an IQ level on par with a Palin.

Capitalism is great for all of the above reasons and Kenyan socialism is here.  But we’d still dig a comfy government gig, because Medicaid, Medicare, water from our taps, shit flushed conveniently away and liberal libraries full of computers to watch the porn…are a gift from Glenn Beck.

Truth and media?  Honky please!  Spy vs. WkiLeaks is what the Homeland needs.

Truth and consequences.

It’s within those consequences where the truth begins.

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