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Runaway Moral Nihilism

March 9, 2010

When there is no right, no wrong and no moral compass to guide us through these dark times that are the Bush legacy…we get runaway moral nihilism.

Or maybe it’s just a runaway Prius?  Bah, who the hell cares.  Nihilist-Prius, Prius-nihilist, six of one, half a dozen of the other, Seven of Nine?

The moral compass of the Homeland is certainly stuck on stupid.  Look no further than Rick Steves.  Yes that Rick Steves.  Don’t worry, Rick’s moral compass appears to be unstuck and pointing to future travels with PBS and many more wonderfully entertaining and endless pledge drives.

I’m more concerned with those morally deficient, runaway nihilist-Prius humans, that think Rick is the next coming of a black Commander-in-Chief.  We should stay vigilant, because those humans are…(shhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet)…they’re free to walk amongst us, breed and leave comments on blogs!!

In addition to the borderline treasonous travel Rick does,  he also writes a column for the Seattle PI.

For some reason, Rick frightens the shit out of the Conservative Internet Keyboard Commando Corps, better known as CIKCC, because well, they’re stupid.

Read the comments on his PI piece.  Laugh along with the CIKCC’s as I do.  It’s in those comments that you’ll find the humans who fear Iran, people of color, “progressive” Democrats and their third uncle’s who molested them as children.   Not that all third uncles of progressive democrats are molesters…or are they???

Having read and watched Rick for a while now, because I’m broke, (Thanks Bush Legacy!!) I can say that while Rick is not easy on the eyes, he is hella more fun to hang out with than Steve Doocy or Ann Coulter.

Ricks recent trip to Iran was an eye opener for some citizens of the Homeland.  For others, it was a reminder that we’re all just people trying to evolve into better people.  For others still…it really fucked up their well thought out plans to invade Iran.

Yes, I had Obama picking Rick as his Vice Presidential running mate awhile back, which just proves to me at least…that if Obama listened to people like me, he’d be the next JFK, instead of the corporate/CIA mouthpiece that he has proven to be.

Now enjoy a scary French socialist-like film, where evidently, their socialist health care involves cleavage, tank-tops and women crawling on top of tube like objects of the social republic.

Very frightening.

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