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Capitalism and Drones

March 7, 2010

Capitalism has led our Homeland down the path of intellectual retardation, cult proliferation and brought forth the financial/moral ruin of the drone class.  Like most half-assed decent predators, after having gained our trust, it walked us gently by the hand to a secluded area away from the path and molested us.

Those in the know, refer to our current times of malaise and slow wittiness as the Cyrus Era.  Those who are told they’re not it the know, refer to these times as the era of the Drone.

Drone makers like Insitu Inc., insist they’re just helping out, creating jobs and killing humans of little or no consequence.

Drone workers, do little or no work of consequence, complain about it, try to mate with a queen, wave a flag, complain about their inability to mate with a queen and are then unable to keep themselves from reminding you that freedom, is indeed not free.

Capitalism and drones.  Drone Capitalism.  Can’t live with em’…can’t count on them for shit.
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  1. March 7, 2010 12:25

    An emotion-packed post, unfortunately, I can’t figure out exactly what your message is. The Cyrus’s are red-neck racist scum, that much I do know.


    • lens1 permalink*
      March 7, 2010 16:48

      It’s the same old message, repackaged, re-branded, and regurgitated in a slightly off center way, with the occasional smart ass remark thrown in to amuse myself.

      In a nutshell, war, torture, Democrats, Republicans, drones, the Cyrus’s, fake patriots, corporate malfeasance!!, religion, the sexually repressed, a photo of mine…it’s all there and it’s all a bit bad and or stupid (not my photo)…or not, depending on one’s views on life.

      Thanks for the comment


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