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Vatican Reach-Around

March 4, 2010

Oh Jesus!, don’t ask and don’t tell the Pope! Because one of the Pope’s main dudes, known as a ‘Gentleman of His Holiness’, has been outed as a male human who digs other men of the genus Homo.


In related news, David Corn of Mother Jones, tells us that Karl Rove is trying to protect his rear.  David goes on to say, “Karl Rove is trying to mount something of a rear-guard action…”

Thank you David, thank you very much…

Meanwhile, in Texas…a group of rabid anti-gay, anti-human, anti-Episcopalian, anti-fun, anti-genus Homo, anti-earth, anti-American fuckups called Repent Amarillo, are coming after you next.

Perhaps y’all might want to call the FBI?

Meanwhile at the FBI…they’re pretty busy paying racist media types, who as advertised…hate humans of color and did I mention he fears teh gays too?  When not employing racist homophobes, the FBI is also really busy ignoring all of the wacky, illegal shit your CIA and NSA are involved with, so good luck with that phone call thing.

Finishing up this scary post of all things genus Homo, Senator Roy Ashburn, the anti gay state senator from California, was arrested for drunk driving after leaving…come on, say it with me…a gay bar.

Just another day here in the Homeland!  Fear!  Hate!  Fear!  Gay!  Gay Terrorists?!  Fear!!  Jesus!  Hate.

Fear is your only God.

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