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Troubled Commanders Kissed in a Rusty Cage

March 3, 2010

Or if you desire, an afternoon music break, with a glimpse into where most of your money went during the Bush years and continue to go, during the Obama year.

KBR, a distant inbred cousin of Halliburton’s, has just “won” another contract with your US Army.  It’s worth $2.8 billion.  Proving once again, that Capitalism and your K Street Congress, do work together very nicely when they want to thank-you very much.

Bring on the rusty cage…

Staying with Iraq, death, brain trusts and the end of affordable anything…US Commanders in Iraq say they are unsure.

To better help us poor victims of the Homeland understand the finer points of these things…the Wall Street Journal went and put some words together on a page, where they formed what I think was a message…”U.S. commanders say they are unsure about who is responsible for the persistent violence in Iraq.”


Thanks Wall Street Journal.  I’m fucking speechless.

Okayyyyy.  Enjoy the music.  Go about your day, citizens of
the Homeland.

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