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Who’s your Momma? Hoosier Bayh, That’s Who.

February 16, 2010

Not since Larry Bird flipped Coach Knight the ‘bird‘ and went to Indiana State, has the nation paid so much attention to Indiana.

Sure there’s been…ummm, Letterman and aaahhhhh, Mellencamp, yes Mellencamp!  But that’s about it.

So Senator Evan Bayh is taking his toys and his 13 million dollar campaign war chest, and going home.  The remaining Democrat in Lobbyist Central in the Senate, is really not that concerned.  He’s about the only Democrat left in the Senate and is used to going it alone.  Hey Sen. Franken, wass up?

The pretend hand wringing from Rahm Emanuel and his dirty Chicago political connections, centers around the previously mentioned 13 million dollars, and the trouble that is Baron Hill.

Easy solutions, liberal ideals and Rahm Emanuel, have never actually met.  If Rahm were to actually meet an easy solution to the conservative cluster fuck he has created…he’d probably have a Blackwater team snuff it out.

Anyway, being all about easy solutions and pissing off the K Street owned, Democrat-less led Congress, how about you Hoosiers hire a man of the people?  Bring in John Mellencamp, he is a Hoosier and apparently, John thinks humans are all equal, believes in God, is already rich and is in a band.

I’d move back to Monroe County just to witness that.

The 13 million dollar’s burning a hole in Bayh’s and Emanuel’s pockets?  Give 12 million of it to Rupert’s Kids, and three million to The Vigilant Lens.  Hey man, It’s not easy having to clear all this shit up for you people.

Besides, being that my math skills having been taught to me in rural Indiana, appear to be a tad bit suspect…I’d use some of the money to buy an accountant.

Problem solved, you’re welcome Indiana.

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