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If the Climate Were a Bank

December 17, 2009

They would have bailed it out already.

God Damn!  You just can’t get good shit like that from our corporate owned politicians.  “If the climate were a bank, they would have bailed it out already,” this from Hugo Chavez at the pretend climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Not only is he right, but Hugo starts off the day with a bang and gets things moving here at the Lens, on this Thursday, a fairly bad day for the Corporate Owned Democrats.

Let’s just call today Corporate Owned Democrat Thursday
and jump on in!

More from Hugo…he uses words like these, “we are again faced with powerful evidence of global imperial dictatorship“, he means us, “capitalism is a destructive development model that is putting an end to life, that threatens to put a definitive end to the human species.Hugo continues, “the richest 500 million people, or 7% of the world’s population, are responsible for 50% of global greenhouse emissions, while the poorest 50% of the worlds population are responsible for only 7% of total emissions.

Good stuff…go here for more with Hugo Chavez, the worlds scariest non-Capitalist.

Things get even worse for Obama and crew from here.

  • Andy Stern of the SEIU and other large labor unions are not happy with the health scare distraction bill.
  • You’re House of Representatives (Norm Dicks) just passed a $634 billion Defense bill, that does not include the Obama Afghan surge.  We’ll be paying for that next spring.  That’s $634 billion…you non insured, unemployed, foreclosed on rubes.
  • Of course many of you will be forgetting the previous $680 billion defense bill passed in October.
  • And let us not forget this June and the $106 billion “emergency” war funding bill.

I’m sensing some sort of pattern here.  Is it me, or does anyone else think our priorities might just be a tad bit fucked up?

Nope…it’s not just me!

Ouch! That stings a bit don’t it, Mr. President?

Wait! There’s more!!

Wow…Keith, Howard Dean? I guess I’m not alone after all?!!

You know Democrats…Mr. President, I may be just a former middle class, Air Force veteran with anger issues, and a penchant for smacking people up side their heads…but I think you guys may want to rethink your bullshit, corporate owned, Pentagon driven agendas for just a moment or three.

Or do what I do when caught telling several hundred lies, or finding myself complicit in war crimes, or whoring for corporate America…I go to that safe place I like to call Sammy Hagarville.

Happy Corporate Owned Democrat Thursday everybody!!

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  1. tenzing permalink
    December 17, 2009 20:25

    This morning I heard Thom Hartmann say that Obama’s caving to the health insurance industry and other corporate interests for the sake of getting campaign donations toward the 2010 and 2012 elections.

    Hartmann lamented that, then added that he would “quite frankly” go ahead and vote for Obama in 2012 because there’s likely to be seats to fill on The Supreme Court, and better a Democrat to fill them than a Republican.

    Really? How so?

    “Quite frankly,” I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Obama “reached across the aisle” yet one more time and appointed George W. Bush to the Supreme Court.


    • lens1 permalink*
      December 21, 2009 23:43

      That would be one Supreme reach across…or more like a fancy reach around?

      I’m hoping to vote for some type of Kucinich/Sheehan human, or maybe a Bono/Beavis combination for all the good it will do us.

      Check out the ever popular ex-Jesus pusher Frank Schaeffer, who is now a born again Obama disciple, over at the Brad Blog.

      Evidently Obama is still going to win and make us all look like fools. And stuff.


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