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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

November 22, 2009

I’m a man of wealth and taste…

General Kevin Chilton wants new nuclear weapons.
I’ve been around for a long, long year…

The General calls our nuclear arsenal the foundation of the nation’s strategic deterrence capability.
stole many a man’s soul and faith…

Kevin would like the military to invest more in the nuclear enterprise.
pleased to meet you…hope you guess my name…

Kev said, “It’s a new world in the 21st century, and we need weapons that were designed for and support the needs of the 21st century.”
but what’s puzzling you…is the nature of my game…

Supporters of our aging deterrent of earth ending death, just want to upgrade a few weapons for the sake of safety and sanity.
I rode a tank…held a general’s rank…
when the Blitzkrieg raged…and the bodies stank…
pleased to meet you…

hope you guessed my name

Others ask uncomfortable questions…and have even cut their way into one of the most secure nuclear weapon storage areas on the planet.
what’s puzzling you…is the nature of my game…

Just 20 miles from Seattle, over 2000 nuclear warheads wait.
I watched with glee…while your kings and queens

Bangor stores more warheads than England, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea combined.
fought for ten decades..for the Gods they made

Next time you gaze west to the Olympic Mountains, keep in mind whats right in front of you.
just as every cop is a criminal…and all the sinners saints
as heads is tails…just call me Lucifer…
’cause I’m in need of some restraint

Pleased to meet you.  Hope you guess my name.

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  1. Ginger permalink
    November 22, 2009 14:06

    I’ve said it before…..

    The detonators are not at Bangor.

    Back way before the first gulf war, when I was working out that way, I was told more than once this fact. The detonators (and other important parts) are stored at Indian Island. I have personally delivered registered packages to Indian Island that the person who signed for them specifically told me were nuclear detonators. There was no air of joking. Indeed it was extremely serious when I delivered such packages. I was even told what kind of warhead they went to, but for the life of me, I can’t remember exactly now. Seems there were different ones anyhow.

    Not only that, but when I took the boy scouts on a tour of a Trident – the Henry M. Jackson – docked in Kitsap – The Commander of Indian Island, whose sons were in our troop, said the important bits were stored in a different location. Implying heavily that they were not on that base.

    Look at the geography. Do you really think the Navy would choose to send armed nukes past Seattle and through all those tiny inlets?

    Think about the astounding amount of stonewalling anyone who has asked for the information the county is legally entitled to to develop an emergency plan….. think about the years and years of stonewalling there….

    We all know the Trident subs dock at Indian Island for a few hours before they go further, either towards Naval Base Kitsap, or towards the open sea. We also are told time and time and time again that there are no nukes at Indian Island. “They’re all over at Bremmerton.” Sure they are. Because the Navy never ever lies…. Right?

    The detonators are not at Bangor. They’re at Indian Island.


    • Ginger permalink
      November 22, 2009 14:49

      This is not a dig at what the Bangor Five did. I got mad props for them. Because they did something.

      Which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for 99.999% of the American Sheeple.


    • lens1 permalink*
      November 22, 2009 15:10

      I can not speak to the detonators or what someone told you in regards to Bangor/Indian Island, but the “hot” Tridents on their way to Bangor, do not go near Seattle. 20 miles as crow flies, yes.

      The subs go straight through the bridge, into Hood Canal and right to Bangor…not Bremerton.

      I have not witnessed a “hot” Trident stop at Indian Island, coming to or leaving Bangor…They sail right past, with two Coast Guard boats and two “barge boats” on either side of the subs.

      As a former Air Force human who worked near, under, around and next to said weapons of mass destruction, any “hot” weapon delivery system (B-52’s in my case) did not have it’s detonators stored in a separate location…they were loaded and ready to go.
      I can imagine the same holds true for the Tridents.

      As to stonewalling on emergency plans for local counties…that has always been the case, anywhere said WMD’s are stored. The military is not going to divuldge anything they deem sensitive, to first responders, Ground Zero etc. etc. They might release an overall. what if plan, but no specifics on said weaponry.

      As for the military not storing or moving armed Nukes by, near or even through major metropolitan areas…I would not bet on it.

      There may very well be detonators and other important components at Indian Island…but that does not diminish what is stored at Bangor long term, or on the subs.


  2. Ginger permalink
    November 22, 2009 17:56

    Well, as far as the emergency plan, I don’t think Jefferson County’s ever even gotten the general “what if” plan. Could have happened in the last couple of years, but I haven’t heard about it.

    As far as a “Hot” Trident stop at II…. Wasn’t the one that Liz & I blocked the gates on… wasn’t that “hot”? Or perhaps there was only a suspicion that it was.

    Anyhow, from what you say here, I’m thinking that there are probably nukes in both places. Maybe not whole lot of them on II… but I’m pretty certain they’re there. At least the “tactical” size ones like the ones that go on the tomahawks.


    • lens1 permalink*
      November 22, 2009 18:47

      My understanding is…that sub was a retrofitted Ohio Class. It carries conventional weapons and teams of Seals or other Special Op’s types…
      Of course i don’t always buy everything we’re told…just going by what I’ve seen…extra protection wise etc.

      I have noticed the Ohio Class there since the Indian Island action. The what if plan…I don’t know if any plan exists up there, just speaking in generalities and from what I’ve known about from Air Force situations.

      Thanks Ginger


      • lens1 permalink*
        November 22, 2009 19:34

        Actually, you’ve got me pondering a couple of things.

        Granted in my Air Force day I was as gung-ho as the next, but if those folks at Ground Zero actually cut their way into an area that is storing nukes and other fun stuff…
        Uhhh. Wow.

        I’m fairly confident they would have been killed at any SAC Base…back in the day.

        So I guess these activists got passed electronic security measures, in the ground, on the fence and the humans (who I thought were Marines) watching said area. Not very reassuring either side of the war/peace ideology one falls on.
        Hence the next to zero media coverage…worse than as per usual.

        Also as per Indian Island, if the Marines at Bangor are having protection issues…what of the civilian guards at the Island? The biggest naval weapons depot on the West Coast, supplying a huge portion of the bullets, bombs and missiles for the Bush/Obama wars.

        Perhaps one of my constant readers in Virginia will look into said security issues?

        Mexicans? What of Bangor? I bet we’d feel safer if Bangor and the Island were charged with protecting the Homelands beer and porn arsenals.


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