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The Obama Bow: a Marxist Movement that Creates Tone Abs of Socialist Steel

November 17, 2009

No really!  I read it in the Washington Times!

Wesley Pruden, the ever vigilant editor emeritus of the Times, says President Obama is a boy…who don’t know his history from his mammas third world, man lovin trysts.

That’s quite the mouthful for any racist newspaper editor, especially for racist editors named Wesley.

Racist Wesley works for the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his cult of media ownership called, New World Communications.  Shirley is Wesley is yet another example of pretend media, reporting on pretend news, made up and brought to you by cult members like Sue Wesley, Republicans and evidently…Mr. Obama’s
Abs of Awesome Socialist Steel!

Why Betsy Ann Wesley is not concerned about real issues like fake wars, torture, or the shameful activity of Nancy Reagan…might be something you should ponder while standing in the unemployment line.

And yes, you know I pity the fool!

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