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Dead Fish Walking

November 17, 2009

From China we get video of a fish.  A live fish.  A live fish having just survived being deep fried, only to be filmed and devoured in front of itself, as it waits for merciful death to take it someplace a little nicer.

Many things come to mind. My first reaction was, this must be how it feels to be caught buying the Palin book, let alone the attempted reading of it.

Being deep fried while alive, living through it, only to be subjected to people who will then eat you in front of you…is a bit like watching Teabaggers wrap their minds around Capitalism.  Or healthcare.  Or the Patriot Act.

Because of this fish fry, there will be boycotts of the liberal kind
to watch for.

Yan Can Cook and his cooking show, will be boycotted for two episodes.  PETA will start a new campaign featuring naked women and fish that have yet to be deep fried.  75 liberals will write their Congresshuman about the tortured Chinese fish, lump in something about healthcare, jobs, the environment and say nothing at all about the lack of Bush torture trials or our 9-year-old profit wars.  Go figure.

In the end, I suppose all of us humans are indeed stupid.  We will eventually eat, mine, cut down and or blow everything up…just before the Rapture occurs.  Doh!!

Bill Maher tried to warn you…
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