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Palin Went Rogue, Ricker Went KUFO

October 27, 2009

The Portland, Oregon great big radio controversy of 2009 will soon be nothing more than a distant memory.  A fart in the hot tub of life.

Most of us survived the demise of Pacific Northwest Wrestling, Seafood Mama and Waddles…so to shall the Pearl survive without
Cort and Fatboy.

KGON survived Dick Sheets and his velvety smooth bong hits, while the Rush LP skipped…so to shall KUFO survive Ricker and his words to the wise, Leonard and high noon.

Shit happens for a reason.  Sarah Palin went Rogue, not McMenamins.  Clyde Drexler went to Houston, Kiki Vandeweghe screwed Calvin Natt, Wayne Cooper and my main man Fat Lever!

According to KUFO’s  stupid web site countdown to change, there are only about 9 hours left to said change.  Then, afternoons with Ricker.

Hold on to your sassy Oregon Chai Teas PDX Town and as always, hold your mouth for the war and please reduce, reuse and recycle…

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