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Surge Accomplished

October 26, 2009

Two years later…this is your Representative Brian “bush” Baird surge of accomplishment.

The Representative Brian “bush” Baird surge of accomplishment, accomplished at least 841 dead Iraqi humans this year alone…due to your Baird/Bush surge of suicide bombings.

In 2008, suicide bombers killed more than a thousand Iraqi men, woman and children, in your Bush/Brian Baird surge of accomplishment.

The above numbers of dead surged humans, do not take into account how many U.S. troops were killed during Brian Baird’s/Bush surge of success.  The numbers also do not reflect the number of dead private Baird/Bush surged contractors.  Nor do the numbers reflect the deaths of thousands of other surged humans caught up in our successful Brian ‘bush” Baird surge of successfulness.

Go ask Glenn Beck for those numbers.

This surge of overwhelming success was a gimmick.  The entire occupation of Iraq was a neocon gimmick endorsed by your complicit, Congressional Democrats.

Do not look for a happy ending in Iraq…any time soon.

Think I’m all fucking wet?  Go tell it to Wall Street,
Bank of America and Afghanistan.

Surge accomplished.

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