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News at 11:00 With Jon Stewart

October 1, 2009

As some of my finest deleted commenters know, I’ve been accusing Democrats of being closeted Republicans for some time now.  Except Democrats really suck at being Republicans.

Yes I’ve made fun of them, I’ve called them names like war criminal shielding fuck ups and corporate whores.  Hey? If the name fits…

But only a few thousand humans a week have been able to stomach my name calling.

Thankfully, Jon Stewart and his writers got around the stomach issue.  Sure it’s a little sanitized and suburbanized for the masses…
But it works.

Now if Comedy Central and Jon Stewart really take on torture, our war criminals and investigate Sibel Edmonds claims?  That would be funny, effective and a wonderful commentary on the state of the bought out fourth estate.

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  1. barman permalink
    October 1, 2009 19:17

    It’s like the dems don’t seem to understand why their popularity is decreasing. Hint: Do these three things:

    1. Close Gitmo.
    2. Bring our sons and daughters home…heal the wounded, honor the dead. End the war.
    3. Fix healthcare so my kids don’t have to spend all their money taking care of me.

    This isn’t rocket surgery, folks.


  2. barman permalink
    October 1, 2009 19:21

    Sorry about the second post:

    Last thing: stop giving an uncontested bully pulpit to drug addicts, sex offenders, and certified lunatics like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity. I’d name a liberal, too, but frankly they aren’t nuts. Out these guys day after day again until they shut up and people stop advertising boner pills on their shows.


    • lens1 permalink*
      October 1, 2009 19:54

      All makes perfect sense barman. I’m pretty sure there are a fair amount of people who feel the same way…but I’m not sure they know it. Fourth estate/Democrat troubles and all.

      Although I am shocked…SHOCKED that you went and said boner pills.

      I kid barman, I kid. Thanks.


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