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Radioactive Death Walls of Freedom

August 17, 2009

We should look to places like New Delhi for inspiration.  They are going to build bamboo curtains around their slums for the Commonwealth Games, to hide the unpleasantness that tends to accompany slums and poverty.

Fantastic Idea!  We should follow their lead and build walls around shit and or places, we don’t want to deal with.

Shit like pretend wars on drugs, better health care and brown people.  Places being Seattle, Mexico and Detroit.

We could award no bid contracts worth billions to build and maintain these walls.  It  goes without saying, that the Corporations already making billions from fake wars, would also be awarded the wall contracts.

The walls could be built out of radioactive Hanford death glass, which would serve a wonderful dual purpose of not only killing off the shit and or places we don’t want to deal with, but it would also allow us to stop burying the death glass.  Buried death glass makes no economic sense what so fucking ever.

Homeland Security catches wind of 17 kids dressed in black stopping Army Stryker shipments?  Throw up the Radioactive Death Wall of Freedom around all of Thurston County and  problem solved!

As an added benefit, the City of Tenino would never be
heard from again.

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  1. Ginger permalink
    August 17, 2009 15:58

    I don’t think I’d miss Tenino.

    Oh ya, and Homeland Security has already caught wind of those 17 kids dressed in black. They’re busy now creating contracts with individuals who will earn upwards of $60,000 a year spending all their non-walmart-shopping hours making reports to the Army about everything they can find dig up on those 17, and any of their friends.

    And any of their friend’s friends. And their cousins. And Grandma. And the dog. The dog especially, because he’s a Labrador retriever, and he’s been dressed in black all his life. That makes his every breath mighty damn suspicious. Expect detailed photos of everything buried in the back yard.


    • Ginger permalink
      August 17, 2009 16:00

      And since he’s from Labrador, that makes him a Canuckistani.


      and we can’t have their kind around.


    • lens1 permalink*
      August 17, 2009 17:22

      I knew you’d know bout them fancy Homelanders and Force Protection types at Fort Lewis.

      Are you telling me that the Army and the Fusion Centers are part of Obama’s death panels and they will kill my granny? And my dog just because he’s a Labrador? And black?

      I knew it! I’m starting a new grassroots movement…I’m bringing my signs and guns and will call it the…JohnTowerybaggers the II for freedom?
      Or something along those lines.


      • Ginger permalink
        August 17, 2009 20:15

        Well, OK, but just don’t take your signs to the Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce, or wave them anywhere around Norm Dicks, because they’re all allergic to poster paint and markers and they break out in terrible rashes at the very thought of a sign.


  2. michaelsicurello permalink
    August 17, 2009 18:25

    Dang, that makes a lot of sense to me. What you can’t see can’t hurt you right? Bamboo is os environmentally sensitive too.


    • lens1 permalink*
      August 17, 2009 18:36

      I’ve heard through “reliable” sources, that the bamboo is actually made out of plastic and was obtained from a Walmart child labor factory in neighboring China.

      All for like $3.50. Quite a bargain…


    • lens1 permalink*
      August 17, 2009 19:04

      But yes…back to your point, what you can’t see supposedly will not hurt you.

      Like those unsightly slums occupied by those untouchable Dalit humans.


      • Ginger permalink
        August 17, 2009 20:17

        Only if (while you’re not looking at it) you stick your fingers in your ears and yell “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA” until it goes away.


  3. michaelsicurello permalink
    August 18, 2009 20:19


    You are a very talented writer…

    I’m pretty sure there is a role in the future somewhere for you (kind of like John Connor) wherein your writing alters the course of history.

    Chase it down like its a free trip to Aruba with Plenty O’Toole.




    • lens1 permalink*
      August 18, 2009 21:59

      Oh man, that’s a bit unsettling.

      But you did get me thinking…

      Sarah Conner would be my Plenty, Yelapa circa 1960 something is my Aruba and Jeffrey Lebowski is the formidable/White Russian pounding cyborg of death and malaise.

      The future is indeed looking bright and closely related!

      Thanks Michael, I do appreciate it.


  4. michaelsicurello permalink
    August 19, 2009 12:37

    Glad to be unsettling…

    Exchanging obscure places and fictional super heroines and super dudes (duds?) was fun.

    Speaking of unsettling, I’m pretty sure thats where your power is…

    I’ll not stalk you, but your future will…



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