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Pretend Congressman Outrage and or Concern #2

August 5, 2009

Today’s words of concern come to us from Norm Dicks.  Mr Dicks, who will find a way to pay for any war and or war machine building corporation like Boeing, wants us to know that Norm cares about the salmon.  Because Norm is concerned.

Norm wants his colleagues to know, that in addition to his concern, the orca could soon go the way of the salmon.  That is to say…there will be no more wild salmon and or orca, which has got to be fantastic news for us humans!

Norm had plenty to say about the plight of these once mighty fish and the fish eating orca.  None of it really matters though.  Because Norm’s concern means nothing.

What does matter, is what Norm does not mention.

Norm did not mention his role in creating the Taliban.  Norm spoke no words of concern about what remains of the first nations, who still depend on the almost non-existent salmon.  Norm did not mention any concern related to the fact that the Duwamish waterway, Hood Canal and the entire Puget Sound, are some of the most polluted waters in America…populated by some of Norm’s biggest contributing polluters, like Boeing and the Navy.  Norm is not concerned about his support for war and the profits made.  Norm failed to mention the FISA Amendments Act or your U.S. Army spying on American civilians.  Norm is in the Democratic majority, that refuses to do, what we put them there to do.

Imagine if salmon, orca or clean water could put money in Norms pocket, create jobs and or kill for Jesus.  Concern would magically become…action.

Thanks Norm.  Your concern has been duly noted.

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