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Pretend Democratic Senator Outrage. The Virgin Post

August 4, 2009

Norm Dicks funded Mujahideen and CIA

The first of many posts to come, with issues ripped from the pretending to be outraged Congress humans web sites themselves.

Today, Maria Cantwell tells us she is extremely disappointed with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s decision to move its Marine Operations Center from Lake Union, WA to Newport, OR.

Maria had this to say, “I am extremely disappointed by NOAA’s announcement today that it intends to relocate its Marine Operations Center to Newport, Oregon, and intend to fight it.”  Hey thanks for sticking to the script Maria!

Maria also used words like deeply concerned, American taxpayer, dollars, NOAA employees and scientific mission.

Maria did not mention the trillion dollars and counting, spent on fake wars.  There was no mention of prison for the Bush Administration.  Obama’s continued use of the NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI, OSI, DEA, DHS or OPP (are you down with OPP?) to spy on you and your uncle with the bad teeth for crimes against the Homeland?

Nope.  Nothin, nada.

Thank you Maria and the Democratic majority of which you belong to, for your continued pretend outrage and your lack of courage and or balls.

Okay, you can ignore the balls thing.
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