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I’m Getting Pessimistic About my Pessimism

April 4, 2009

Obama wore kitten heels; Bruni-Sarkozy opted for Dior flats.

Tough to shake that feeling that shit, just ain’t right.  North Korea may have fired a missile made of used tin foil, old socks and balsa wood.  Demi Moore has 380, 000 subscribers waiting on her next Twitter.  Ashton Kutcher has…675,000 humans, waiting for him to Twitter something about one of his thoughts.  That’s well over a million humans, waiting on a Twitter.

Media is broken, the financial crisis is much worse than you know, fathers are murdering their children, the drug war is a joke of a lie, freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan wages on and millions of us thought Sarah Palin, would fix it all.  The ice caps are melting, Dick Cheney still walks amongst us, New Kids on the Block are back! and kitten heels and Dior flats look good on first ladies.

Optimism might make an appearance tomorrow.
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  1. April 4, 2009 23:37

    America has been trying to loding over the entire world, it may have some price to pay.


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