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Operation Obfuscation

February 5, 2009

The Border Patrol prefers to call it Operation Stonegarden. That there’s fancy speak for Mexican internment camps.

With Operation Obfuscation, any local law enforcement agency that takes the bait, will in turn, get a crack at millions of dollars in LE equipment. All that is required, is a lack of common sense and the desire to detain brown skinned humans. ICE and the Border Patrol will then take it from there.

Not surprisingly, lack of sense runs rampant in Clallam and Whatcom counties. They would be two counties that took the money. These would be two counties to stay away from, if you happen to have a tan or look Mexicanish. You will be stopped. You will be terror tested.

Fortunately, one law enforcement professional, Sheriff Mike Brasfield of Jefferson County, told the Border Patrol where to shove their Stonegarden money. You can read more about that, right here. It should be required reading for all Border Patrol agents, who just don’t get that whole goofy Constitution thingy.

The glorious Department of Homeland Securing, has too much money to spend, too many fuck ups at the helm and no desire to police themselves. The new Czar at Homeland, Janet Napolitano, also has a Chandler roundup in her closet and I’m guessing…tax problems too.

So I suppose it boils down to this. If you thought Skittles, puppy dog entrails and Viagra would fall from the sky, the instant President Obama sat down in the round office…I suggest you keep waiting and lay off the meth just a bit.
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  1. February 6, 2009 12:33

    Another article about this today in the PDN. Local sheriff’s departments are choosing sides- I have never heard where the Washington State Patrol comes down on all this?

    Port Hadlock


  2. lens1 permalink*
    February 6, 2009 15:08

    I saw the PDN article, seems we know which Sheriff has a firmer grasp on the law and which Sheriff is down with racial profiling.

    As for the State Patrol…they have received a few grants from Homeland Security, involving the protection of infrastructure, transportation and other resources deemed important. Like ferries. These grants have been used to buy…LE gear and help pay for training. All terrorism based.
    But I don’t know their stance on Stonegarden or BP activities in general.



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