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Big Trouble in Little Chimacum

November 6, 2008

Homeland Security, in the form of The Border Patrol, showed up over in Chimacum last Monday to defend their Mexican checkpoints and reassure the citizens that all is well. As expected, they brought their A game. Better known as mentiroso….en espanol.

So back to the forum. Agent Bermudez, trained in all aspects of Border Patrol talking points, said some things. Being that he is the talking points/propaganda pusher for the Blaine Sector, what he said meant nothing. Chief Agent Bates did however make an appearance. He said some things as well.

Moving on, the most important words that were spoken that night came from Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Brasfield. When Chief Agent Bates was asked, what would happen if a person stopped at a “citizen testing checkpoint,” refused to give up their identification to a Border Patrol agent? Chief Bates said he would have to involve the Sheriffs Department.

Sheriff Brasfield responded with this, “I’m sorry, but we would not get involved.” That means go fuck yourself in LEO speak. Chief Conner Daily of the Port Townsend Police department, echoed the sentiment.

There you have it! If you desire, you can check out the coverage from the forum at the PT Leader or the center-right Peninsula Daily News. I invite you to read them. Then come on back here to the Lens, for a list of questions you can email those papers or even Michael Chertoff himself, before he gets away….

The Big List of Questions. And a film, made by your Border Patrol.

  • Has the agent who filmed the above video been “dealt with” yet?
  • Immigration Chief Julie Myers. How deep does the trouble at Homeland run? Deep would be the answer. Another example.
  • Can you explain why the agents union says, we can not trust the Border Patrol, under any circumstances?
  • Please tell us when will Chief Aguilar gain your confidence?
  • Ahmed Ressam. You like to throw that name out. But wasn’t he caught by one Customs Agent, doing her job on the border, pre-Homeland days, while eating lunch and watching Oprah?
  • Was the accused child rapist Agent Giuliano, involved with the day to day operational decisions of the Blaine Sector?
  • How many agents in the Blaine Sector have been adversely affected by VRP?
  • According to your own agents, the agency is a joke. The Chief is endlessly ridiculed. Agents job satisfaction, training, skill levels and confidence in the “strategy” of the agency, are all in the toilet.
  • What of all those new hires, their training and background checks? Is it true an FNG has never been required to have a high school diploma? Really?

Start asking questions citizens.

Paul Shukovsky, Reporter Seattle PI

Scott Wilson, Publisher Port Townsend Leader

Scott Ware, Editor Kitsap Sun.

Leah Leach Managing Editor/News, Peninsula Daily News.

Norm Dicks and Patty Murray.

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  1. November 7, 2008 13:04


    And, just so you know, if and when I get stopped at one of these checkpoints I will not comply. Period.

    And I’ll have my camera with me.


  2. lens1 permalink*
    November 7, 2008 13:25

    Links O plenty, no?

    Send those comments and or questions to those
    editors and politicians….


  3. Alex permalink
    November 12, 2008 22:48

    Here is video from the 11/3 Border Patrol forum in Chimacum. The BP is asked- what is the penalty for an individual who does not provide ID at a checkpoint?

    BP ends up saying they will call the Sheriff- Sheriff says they will not take action if a citizen refuses to provide ID to Border Patrol…

    Video from Border Patrol Forum


  4. lens1 permalink*
    November 12, 2008 22:55

    Thanks Alex.

    I had to change your link, seems to work now.



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