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Highly Skilled and Highly Trained

October 14, 2008
Highly Trained Agent

Highly Trained Agent

Highly skilled and highly trained. This is the level of competence we are told to expect from our Border Patrol agents, who protect us from terror creating terrorists and Mexicans.

Guess what happens when highly skilled and highly trained agents, use their skills to perform super secret surveillance on Americans? Americans who were in Port Angeles to protest the checkpoints on the Olympic Peninsula. They throw it on Youtube and make fun of them!

The above stupid video, was shot and edited by a Border Patrol agent, from inside the white government van pictured in this post. The addition of the hot, shirtless dancing guy in the video? Well, lets just say that repressed sexual desires, are the least of this agent’s problems. This agent will now have to explain, how placing his super secret surveillance video on Youtube, helps protect the homeland. This is what highly skilled and highly trained agents look like? This is what the front lines in the war on terror…and Mexicans, looks like?

I’m afraid so. This video and the coward that shot it, are yet more examples of how far we have fallen. This is what you get when all common sense is gone.

You get Homeland Security. You get Dino Rossi and Sarah Palin. You get juvenile little pricks in green pants, illegally taking “surveillance video” of Americans….being Americans. You also get a push to hire thousands of unqualified people to be agents. See above video.

Super Secret Youtube Surviellance

Super Secret Youtube Surveillance

So I leave you Commissioner Basham, agents Aguilar, Bates and Giuliano, with a question or two. Why do you hate America? Also, what size jumpsuits will you be needing for your incarcerations?

A Fleeing Highly Trained Agent

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  1. Fred Willcutt permalink
    October 16, 2008 18:13

    Border Patrol deputy chief arrested on child rape charges

    Joseph W. Guiliano, 55, will be formally charged Thursday afternoon with three counts of child rape, according to documents filed in Whatcom County Superior Court.

    This is the person that made the decision to spy. Please e-mail me when you made the above video available. I am in contact with local media.


  2. lens1 permalink*
    October 16, 2008 20:01

    I heard about this and have been sitting on the video….

    Let me just say for the record….I am former law enforcement and have
    been hitting these guys a bit hard lately, but….wow.

    Pass along that I am talking with a few people about this…and let them know of
    the video…




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