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Which Prison?

September 23, 2008

The question should be asked, which prison or ICE facilities should we keep Bush and his entire administration in? The end is fast approaching for these petty criminals. I suggest any of you who either “worked” in the administration, or are employed by us in a federal agency, start to lawyer up.

  • Do you work in the Border Patrol, ICE or any other racial profiling agency? You might want to lawyer up.
  • Are you one of the analysts reading my blog posts, before I can even spell check it? You might want to lawyer up as well.
  • Do you warm up Secretary Chertoff’s coffee? File documents for Keith Alexander at the NSA? Maybe you “polish” Michael Hayden’s belt buckle at the CIA? Lawyer up, lawyer up, lawyer up.

It’s going to be a great show. I wonder who cries first, Addington? Mukasey? Gonzales? Bush, Cheney, Negroponte? Limbaugh? My worthless dollar is on Limbaugh…..

Good luck to all of you traitors, you’re gonna need it. And remember, saying you were just following orders….is not going to cut it.

My God! I can’t wait for the smirking Dan Rather to report on the trials!

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