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The Wall Street Jihad

September 22, 2008

The Jihad is almost complete. The Paulson Fatwa will soon be fulfilled.

Americans will not notice and they will not care, until one catastrophic event happens. A disaster of epic proportion befalls us all……..
Cable TV and Internet porn becomes too expensive.

The end of cheap and easy access to these two American institutions, will bring the riots. Make believe wars on terror, the Mexican round ups and protecting the Homeland by stripping you of your Constitution? Nope. Nada, crickets. When the populace realizes they can no longer afford porn and American Chopper, there will be chaos.

The gift of more than a trillion dollars, will soon be handed to the people that hate you. Not only do they hate you, they hate your children, your children’s children and they despise your access to cheap porn.

They are the Wall Street Jihad.

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