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Bemused Indifference

September 2, 2008

I’ve been biting my Gene Simmons sized blogger tongue, hoping to not add to the stupidity that has been the RNC. So much for that….. Speaking of stupidity, I think if Sarah Palin were to meet Gene Simmons tongue, her world and her views on it…would sure be a whole lot less stupid.

Anyway, what was it that brought me out of my self imposed RNC bemused indifference? Lindsay Lohan.

Yes the world traveling and overpaid 22 year old twit, decided to speak. She wants us to leave Sarah and her slow witted brood alone. Lindsay wants us to get to know Sarah better. Lindsay needs to know more about Sarah’s views on life and politics. Lindsay wants to know how Sarah Fucking Palin would make our country a happier, less destructive place.

Like to read more of Lindsay’s thoughts? Go find the link yourself. It’s too stupid to link to.

I do have a solution to all of this stupidity. It involves Gene Simmons, his tongue and a few wives of the treasonous fucks that inhabit the White House and Congress. Hell, I’ll even throw in a few wives of the men who inhabit the acronyms of fascism, better known as the CIA, NSA and FBI. You’re welcome ladies!

Gene’s tongue, world peace and contentment. It’s just that easy…

  1. September 3, 2008 19:09

    Lohan’s blown it so badly that she needs some make-nice press with decent ‘Merikans. Sad. Really is. And she mustn’t be outdone by “Brit’s lil’ sis” as the Wash Post just christened Miss Spears the younger, as quoted on THE FRONT PAGE of google news. What are our young ladies coming to? Jaysus, it just makes your skin crawl. And where is my bottle of Cognac, the good stuff (we likes it neat), that was on the bookshelf here? Shite. GONE. My girls were just home from college.


  2. lens1 permalink*
    September 3, 2008 21:25

    What you said!
    After re-reading my post…I need a shot of decent Cognac. Or two.

    Thanks Deborah


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