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Heartland Institute “Tim Eymans” Wenatchee

May 7, 2008

Dan Miller of the Tobacco Institute of Lies and Huge Payola, Heartland Institute, wrote a poor confused soul in Wenatchee to set him straight about Global Warming. Read it here. Dan used to work for the Chicago Sun-Times. Dan is one of those “journalists” who has been peddling propaganda for a long time.

Dan, can I call you Dan? What in Gods cooling planet are you doing reading the Wenatchee World? If trying to direct poor Wenatcheeist’s to your institutes stupid theories is all you have left, wow. Propaganda’s failing you Danny…

Some words of wisdom Dan. Words spoken by the President of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister at a recent event in ubur-liberal Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. “As far as Shell is concerned, the debate over global warming is over – arguing only delays the inevitable and increases its cost.” Time to send Shell Oil a Tim Eyman email, eh Dan?

For the confused citizens of Wenatchee, read about Dan and his Heartland Institute, here and one more here. Enjoy…..and be kind to your yoga instructor.

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