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Post Idea: The Crowdsourced Art Wall Edition

June 15, 2019

Intelligentsia Confirms: Iran Canada has been caught attacking the freedom waters, fishes and various fruits of our Glorious Homeland!™ (salute) for well over 100 years and yet, and still, there’s no coherent acknowledgement, no screams for Guantanmo-like justice, and there’s zero threats from Raytheon’s sales team to obliterate the evil doers from the north before Lockheed does. There’s no Mueller report of distraction, no nods of compliant acceptance near any Costco rotating chicken section, zero instances of road rage ‘because the peaches’, never a mass of well-armed/fed idiots who lost to Verizon just after 2001 — never forget the Mujaheddin! (salute) and remember, there’s plenty of poor paying jobs, no healthcare and a poisoned body of water somewhere near your scary library and all your incredible rents.



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