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Russian Beer Wasn’t Brewed for Your Enjoyment: The Or Was It Years.

April 17, 2019


Homeland Security is pondering a new hunt for WMD classifications even as your doctor will probably get away with it. Like Cheney and #ProtectMueller! did. Which says much about even much more of the less, depending on how much and for how long, you’ve been drinking the Homeland’s WMD water. More or less.

Which brings me to many a beer week near colleges/high schools/tulip festivals and the incredible rents. More of the less for more…more or less.

Remember folks, DEFCON Homelessness 7 will only resolve itself in your beautiful-minded city, if and when another script reader gets a notion. About what, nobody really cares as long as you keep your hands off our poisoned food and water. More or less.




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